“Classical” Training

What’s important in all styles of singing, is the function of the vocal cords.

Like the trainer, the voice teacher must be able to prescribe the proper workout for the individual standing in front of him. Everyone is different, every voice is different, and the teacher must be able to hear it, and along with the students desires for their singing, set them on a path to singing success.

Vocal Exercises

The best way to train and strengthen the voice is through isometric exercise.

The Italians figured this out a few centuries ago, and their methods and research remain true today. It’s called “The Italian School” or “Bel Canto”. The muscle systems that work the vocal cords operate one way, and there are many varied exercises that will strengthen them. It’s the same as going to the gym to strengthen our bodies. You do “sets” of exercise, rest, do another set, etc. through a programmed workout on a regular basis. And, like going to the gym, your “trainer” will give you progressively more difficult exercises so you grow and develop.

Vocal Technique

Bottom Line: You have to “work out” the voice.

Excellent Vocal Technique is achieved by properly training the muscle systems that control the vocal cords, through vocal exercises, to be able to produce sound that is artistically pleasing to the singer or speaker and the intended audience, organically and intuitively. The muscle systems that control the vocal mechanism work in specific ways, and much like going to the gym to work the muscles in the body, can be trained to work optimally for the desired use of the artist.

Bottom Line: You have to “work out” the voice. The best way to do this is with an experienced teacher with a great ear, who can guide you to proper technique. Because every voice is different, though the muscle systems are the same, the teacher must prescribe specific exercises for the individual student to maximize their potential, thereby acquiring excellent vocal technique for the singer or speaker.

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